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Husband & Wife duo, Brent & Sarah Nicholls, take the stage as IncrediBrent & Super Sarah in this fast paced, funny magic show that delivers an inspiring message about understanding and overcoming bullying.

About the Program

In this interactive school program Brent and Sarah use their unique story and performance experience to engage and empower your students by sharing their secrets of self confidence.

This program will effectively:

  • Demonstrate the power and importance of healthy self confidence and overcoming self doubt
  • Offer advice on how to develop a positive self image
  • Share personal stories that illustrate how to overcome bullying and stay positive in the face of negativity
  • Explain what bullying is and why it occurs
  • Help students understand that being bullied is not your fault
  • Break down gender stereotypes and feature both male and female role models

"The kids had a blast and laughed a lot. Their message was really strong and we learned a lot about finding our magic and believing in ourselves, and the kids will take that learning with them for a long time."

Sam Shad, Principal, Crystal Beach Public School, Crystal Beach, ON


Breaking Rules to Build Confidence

The #1 rule in magic is that "a magician must never reveal their secrets." During their show Brent & Sarah set out to break that rule by not only teaching students the secrets of a few magic tricks, but also teaching them the 5 key secrets they have used to become a success.

Brent and Sarah take the stage as role models and share stories of their childhood when they were bullied and experiencing self doubt. They illustrate the steps they took to overcome their struggles and offer advice to students who can do the same.

Why Magic?

It's no secret that children love magic which is why Brent and Sarah are able to use it as a compelling tool to hold the student's attention and effectively convey their message. Magic allows students to use their imagination to see beyond their current boundaries and realize where a strong belief in themselves may take them.Together Brent & Sarah have performed for Disney Cruise Line, the Ontario Science Centre & YTV.

Along with the message the show combines:

  • Magic, music, comedy, storytelling and a daring escape!
  • A highly interactive presentation style with full audience participation
  • Several volunteers who are invited to perform magic tricks
anti bullying


Booking Options

The Secrets of Self Confidence Magic Show is offered as either a 45 or 60 minute assembly program. Depending on the size and grade range of your school you may want to book multiple performances for different grades.

The full 60 minute program is recommended for grades 4-8, whereas the condensed 45 minute program is the best option for grades K-3. In addition to the show, the 60 minute version also features a short magic workshop where all of the students will be taught how to perform a magic trick on their own.

The recommended grade breakdown is K-3, 4-6 and 7-8.

Call Brent or fill out the easy contact form to find out more.


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